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"When my parents hit their late 50s, how will I help them navigate their lifestyle change?" This is the exact question that brothers Camron and Jeremiah McKinley had in mind, which turned into their vision for refined senior living at Harbor Heights. As Camron and Jeremiah’s mother and father started to grow older, they kept asking themselves, “what would be important to our parents at this stage in their life?” The traditional senior living options for housing weren’t right for them. Their mother being active, still driving and wanting a place that still felt like home was the driving force behind the vision of Harbor Heights.

Why 55+ vs. Assisted Living?

As people are living longer, they are looking for a higher quality of life as they age. While most assisted living can offer the care that many seniors do need, Harbor Heights is looking to create an environment for those 55+ looking for that next step in life that is still independent and active. Living in this community provides older adults a second chance to live life to the fullest through developing new relationships, trying out new hobbies, and having the freedom to travel without worrying about a large home to take care of. The Columbia Hospitality team at Harbor Heights aims to build relationships with the residents, where helpful team members are just a phone call away. With a la carte pricing for maintenance and housekeeping services, residents can choose how much help they need while staying financially conscious.

Just as Camron and Jeremiah were concerned about their parents’ future, Harbor Heights offers a space that will be a relief for adult children worried about their aging parents. Not only is there less hassle with apartment living, but the Columbia Hospitality team at Harbor Heights will also work with each family to ensure that their new space feels like home. Not only do the units allow you to curate your own style, but they’ll provide a place where families will want to visit and spend time together.

Staying Active in Olympia

Harbor Heights’ location lends itself to a lifestyle that is active, engaging, and even adventurous for those who seek it. With a quick trip down the elevator, residents find themselves in the heart of downtown and the harbor front, with art walks, elevated dining, unique shopping, and the bounty of the local region at The Olympia Farmers Market. For those that are no longer driving or just looking to live a simpler lifestyle without a car, Harbor Heights provides easy access to anything one may need. The prime location in the heart of Market District allows residents to continue to check items off their bucket list, with opportunities to take classes in sailing, kayaking, and other water activities right on the boardwalk.

With a more manageable residence, this rightsizing move is perfect for those looking to have the flexibility to travel. Or, for those looking to start a new life in Olympia, Harbor Heights provides the space for communal activity. The expansive rooftop patio with stunning 180-degree water views is the ideal backdrop to reflect on the day, enjoy friendships, soak up another sunset, and make plans for tomorrow. The private outdoor space offers lounge and grilling areas, tranquil gardens, and fire bowls for gathering. There is also plenty of room to take Rover for a stroll or a spot to try some morning Tai Chi. However, if you’re looking to live your life, there are options for all.

Young at Heart

A life at Harbor Heights is one that doesn’t have to slow down because of your age. With the option to continue your crafts in your home or explore the local scene, these beautiful waterfront residences are the perfect next step for anyone 55 and up.

Harbor Heights provides the opportunity to:

  • Create your own space with help from the attentive team whenever needed
  • Ease the stress of adult children wondering what’s next for their aging parents
  • Continue living an active style in the pedestrian-friendly, marina-side Market District of Olympia
  • Connect with the community through resident activities, communal areas, and new relationships.

The Harbor Heights Columbia Hospitality team functions as your concierge and engages daily with residents. Harbor Heights’ vision offers community and looks to give them a new life full of excitement, family, and adventure.

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