Rightsizing at 55+

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At its core, right-sizing simply means to convert something to an appropriate or optimum size. Rightsizing your home or life is one of the most rewarding approaches to this type of exercise. If you're currently a business executive or have been in the past, we often first think of downsizing or minimizing in some way in relation to conversations involving any type of sizing. Our teams, our workplaces all have been impacted during 2020, why wouldn't our homes be as well?

If you are a part of the greatest generation or are 55+ and now are experiencing the joy of grandkids or perhaps still enjoying a productive career, now is a good time to consider your next steps. Chances are, your living situation of 20 years ago isn’t the right fit for your lifestyle today. You may have lived in a suburban environment, are planning on selling your home, or just want something new! The idea that people need to move to small, cramped homes and “downsize” is quickly being replaced with the philosophy of “rightsizing,” which is finding the right size of home for your needs.

Downsizing has one definition: to move to a smaller space because of life changes or requirements. While this may be the right move for some people, downsizing starts with one goal in mind and doesn’t consider the unique needs of the individual.

Rightsizing is updating your living space based on your current life needs. Between the many careers, hobbies, family, and activity changes that we experience today, it makes sense to find the right home for you. You can choose between a larger or smaller home, a different floor plan, different amenities, and more. Rightsizing provides the opportunity to find a new community and align your lifestyle with your living space.

Rightsizing simply means shifting your surroundings to suit your needs and facilitate a simpler lifestyle. Want a place you can lock, leave and travel? Want to say goodbye to a space that requires a lot of yard maintenance? Time to focus on the benefits of an adjusted perspective, rather than on getting rid of things. This mindset opens up more possibilities and will increase your quality of life.

This process starts with a few quick and easy assessments that lead to action.

Make a Check-List
The first is to start dreaming about your next chapter of life. Think about the things you enjoy doing and start putting together a wish list for your new place. This will give you more structure when it comes to exploring your options. Have items you want to save, but not sure where they will go in a new space? Consider storage solutions that will free your mind. A great resource is the book: https://www.amazon.com/Rightsize-Right-Now-Declutter-Stress-Free/dp/0738218014

Expand Your Options
Cities across the country, from New York to Portland from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, are realizing the importance of providing first-class, luxury living spaces that catch a buyers’ eye. For example, Harbor Heights features a full cinema room with luxury seating and sound system, an outdoor sky terrace with views for miles in all directions, a fitness center and a maritime bar. Start exploring the options in your city and beyond to really get a feel for what you want and where you’re willing to call home. It may make sense to trade a hot summer for a more temperate one or escape the cold to somewhere warmer.

Make a move.
Though it can feel like a big step, letting go of a living situation that no longer serves you to embrace something completely new is rewarding. Saying goodbye to a beloved home with great memories is never easy. There are ways to ease into a transition like this vs. having it feel like a band-aid has been stripped away. Once you find the perfect place, take action in securing the spot so you don’t miss your opportunity. Making the leap toward rightsizing won’t be a move you’ll regret.

Making the decision to update your living spaces based on your current lifestyle is exciting! Instead of limiting yourself by simply looking for a home that’s smaller, take the time to think about what you want. This could mean maintaining the size of your home but moving into a home half the size of your current one, in a better, more walkable and friendly neighborhood. It could even mean getting a bigger home that suits your needs. Whatever rightsizing means for you, making the transition will help align your desires with your surroundings and have you breathing a sigh of relief when you step foot in your new home.

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